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This short, 27-page e-book is a guide to crafting your single sentence. In the e-book, I will be taking you through the process of how I found my own single sentence, how it fits in to my life, and why developing a single sentence will benefit your career as a photographer. I will then show you how to create your own sentence, individually, step-by-step. Feel free to print out the book pages and write directly on them... and enjoy! I will be searching the tag given in the book to see your single sentence, too. :-) 

Excerpt from the e-book... 

"What did that mean? I tried to give the blog liaisons an answer, and I figured the best way to do that was to make up a sentence to tell people what my work was about. I heard that the most successful people in the world had a very strong and powerful vision for why they did what they did, and I figured this was as close as I could get. So I made things simple. Here's an early version of my single sentence, from about 4 years ago…"

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