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Are you a photographer, journalist, writer, or creative that wants to share your vision with the world? Do you have an idea that you absolutely NEED to get on to the web? Do you have a creative idea, thought, or topic you want to discuss? 

I'm opening up the David Talley Photography blog to include writings from guest contributors, allowing the larger community to leverage my social media and e-mail list to tell the world cool, uplifting, controversial, exciting, and relevant things about photography and the photography industry. We have a social following of over 250,000 people and an e-mail list of over 2,500+ people who want to hear your thoughts. 

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We like everything, but we want to keep a focus on relevant, exciting, controversial, and uplifting topics in the photography industry. This isn't a space to self-promote, but your writing (and optional imagery) will be shared with 250,000 social media followers and 2,500+ e-mail subscribers, with links to your social media platforms and website.
These photos can be anything, but they must be high-quality, royalty-free, and relevant to the content. If they're your photos, then you agree to their publication by submitting this application. Please don't steal anyone's photos. www.unsplash.com is a fantastic resource for rights-free images.
Favorite fruit? Color? Photographer? Place in the world? We want to know who you are!

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, not all posts make it to the blog. We believe in the best of the best, but if your post isn't published, please don't take it personally. We can't accommodate for everyone's suggested posts. However, if you do have your post published, you will be notified of your approval, and your post will be shown to 250,000 social media followers and 2,500 e-mail subscribers. Our team will get in touch with you to confirm your post and clarify any details. Make sure your post is cohesive and awesome. ;-) 

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