Good, 'cause we love making it. 

Talley Media offers a new system for custom visual content to help establish your brand's vision, communicate who you are and what you do, and help your business be successful on social media. 

Visual consistency for your brand throughout your new media allows your business, music, band or entity to be represented accurately, emotionally, and creatively. 

Break the walls of your media presence with creative moving pictures, video, and photography that engages fans on your social media channels.

You receive enough content to scale your social strategy and continue to engage fans, customers, and clients for longer periods of time.

New media for most projects is returned to you within 4 weeks so that you can focus on building your business, where your energy is truly needed. 

We work with a wide range of clients, including non-profit organizations, small and large businesses, record-label musicians, sole proprietors and creative entrepreneurs. 

Hachette Book Group
Shiekh Shoes
Nth Wonder Shoes
Midnight Divide
The Dustbowl Revival
Vanguard USA
WANDO International
FX Australia
Emily Vaughn
Calvary Chapel
Nathan Wing Management

El Pollo Loco
Jack’s Pizza
Tombstone Pizza
Blaze Pizza
Royal Bank of Canada
Premier Nutrition
Big Red Soda
JP Morgan Chase

Our Featured Clients:

Vanguard USA

Custom content for the launch of their new product, the VEO Travel tripod. Imagery created over the course of 12 weeks in 11 countries. 

Read More: http://www.davidtalley.io/vanguard-photo-us/


WANDO International

Photography and videography for branding, visual consistency, print and digital media. 

Read More: http://www.davidtalley.io/wando-international/


FX Australia

Custom product launch videos, rebranding imagery and social media imagery for the launch of their new product, FX No Tape. 

Read More: http://www.davidtalley.io/fxaustralia

Simple Packages: 

We offer content plans for 1, 3, and 6 months. That means new photos for you to use, all the time, online, in print, and anywhere else you can use them. With a background in video, photo, and moving stills, we're going to make you and what you do look better than ever before. 


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