Featured Client: FX Australia

FX Australia is one of our featured clients for 2016. Talley Media, was contracted by FX Australia for a visual rebranding, a new product launch, and marketing and advertising services through social media channels. For FX, we worked closely alongside the marketing and operations manager of the family-owned, Sydney-based, locally operated paint manufacturer to produce stunning visual imagery and video not only for their brand, but for their products and the people who created and help sell their products, too. Spanning Sydney to Melbourne, with logistical and post-processing operations from Portland and a deadline of 70 days, here is a sample of what we produced for the client over our time working together. 

Company Perception and Visual Branding


For this section of the project with FX, we tasked ourselves with updating the look, feel, and perception of the FX Australia brand to new and veteran clients alike. In conjunction with the launch of their new line of plaster products, we created imagery to capitalize on the emotion and story clients will feel when working with FX Australia and their products. 


Behind the Scenes of FX Australia


In order to acquaint new customers with FX Australia and boost sales and production of services, we produced visual imagery detailing behind the scenes, every-day life at the FX Australia factory. By putting a face to the name, we helped new customers feel an emotional connection to the hardworking, dedicated people that they do business with, both for old customers and new customers alike. 


Product Photography for Advertising


In this phase of the project, we produced imagery for the advertisement of FX Australia's newest, industry-shaking plaster product: FX No Tape, a joint compound designed to be used without tape in the construction process, allowing quicker turn-around on large and small scale building projects worldwide. Imagery slated for use in social advertising campaigns, website, and Indiegogo fundraiser.


Commercial Videos


For the videography phase of this project, we created two streamlined, story-based videos to advertise FX Australia's products and services. By getting within the mind of the ideal customer FX wanted to target, we created video to help sell the product to those customers. 


Project Stats:


Location for content creation: Sydney, and Melbourne: Australia.
Logistical operations and post-processing: Portland: U.S.A. 
Selected and delivered imagery: 100+ images
Videos created: 2 commercial videos


Last Words:

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