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PhotoKey® is a USB supplement I created for my workshop students around the world on my recent tour. Lately, I've had a lot of people who weren't able to attend a workshop this year ask if I am planning on making any of these keys available outside of my workshops. After an entire year of workshop planning, and 4 months of practical development on the content and program for the USB drives, they're ready! 

These keys come with an initial program, including worksheets with partner videos, that will leave you feeling more inspired, creative, and ready to tackle your passion for photography than ever before. One key includes the PhotoKey® program, a series of short video lectures paired with worksheets, diagrams, and planners based off of my workshop structure. It covers lighting, composition, image expansion, inspiration, motivation, technique, shooting, and editing exercises. In addition to the PhotoKey® program, the key also contains helpful insight on the practical side of photography, including example contracts and FAQ's in the realm of photography. In the key, you'll also find a folder containing 5 images from my portfolio as layered .PSD files, that will give you an insight into my creative process. In another folder, you'll find Lightroom and Photoshop presets modeled directly after photos created by Kiara Rose Photography and myself. 

The PhotoKey® is ideal for all levels of photographers, but is aimed primarily to help photographers in the creative, portraiture, wedding, and lifestyle genres of photography. This key and program will give you the insight you need to feel secure and ready to tackle photography as a passion and a business. 

The PhotoKey® is a patented learning program developed by David Talley and partnered with by Kiara Rose.

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