"APHOTIC" Actions for Lightroom, Vol. I

There's nothing better than being able to produce color edits that give your images a timeless story and intense, emotional feeling. I'm excited to announce an entirely new way to develop colors for your fine art and creative images in Lightroom. Recreate the dark, moody essence of your favorite fine art and conceptual photos with the 10 presets included in this pack - "Rose and Might, Rapture, End of an Empire, Ice Cold, Discovery, The Blind Can See, Open Sky, Criminal, Beckon, and Nightmares Ignited." These are the Lightroom presets I use to edit all of my fine art and creative work! Below, you can see an example of each. Each preset is calibrated to Adobe Standard, so they will work fine for all camera makes and models, including Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Fuji. I hope you guys love them! 

There's also a special bonus at the bottom of the page if you purchase today. :-) 

- David

"Rose and Might"

A combination of pastel pink, dark greens, and earthy browns combine to create an intense ground with an airy softness. 


A yellow and green color palette swirl mid-air to bring you this beautiful, harmonious, and mysterious preset. 


Empire is an epic and dark preset, designed to isolate your subject and cool down your image so the pose and body structure of the model communicates the emotion of your photos. 

"Ice Cold"

Designed to create impactful and intense headshots and portraits, Ice Cold is a preset that will transform your photos from a headshot to a magnificent, dark, and refreshing work of art. 


Explore the warm mystery of summer with the Discovery preset. This edit will turn your images in to magnif

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Bonus! Get an additional 5 FREE Presets

As a first week bonus and my way of saying thank you, we're including a FREE Expansion Pack of presets for the Aphotic Collection, available only for a limited time. When you purchase the Aphotic Collection for Lightroom today, you'll also receive the Aphotic Expansion Pack for FREE, which includes the presets "Roots and Deep, Orbital, Little Tiger, The Flying Cosmonaut, and Rippled Magic," all designed to give your images the intense, moody, and emotional feel of a fine art photograph, and transform your images before your very eyes. 

Optimizing your new presets:

All pictures are NOT created equally. In order to maximize and optimize the edits that your Aphotic Preset Pack can deliver, you'll need to remember a few things:

1. Always shoot and edit in RAW file format. 
2. Play around with the Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, and other Basic sliders in Lightroom in order to balance your photos. 
3. If the presets don't work perfectly right away, that's okay. Tweak them until they're exactly how YOU love them. 
4. No two images are the same, so remember that you'll need to adjust these presets to fit your photos depending on lighting and shooting conditions. They won't always work perfectly, but with some tweaking and optimizing, you'll be able to transform your images in to works of beautiful fine art in no time at all. 


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