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This 27-page e-book on my NUMBER ONE inspiration technique will leave you feeling more inspired, focused, and ready to create than EVER before... More than an e-book, this is a workbook on developing a focus for your craft. 
While this book is designed with photographers in mind, a wide range of artists and creatives wills find this e-Book valuable. 
Who this e-book is NOT for:
- Photographers who don't want to put purpose behind their images
- People who are negative or disengaged. 
- Photographers who don't care to develop their vision. 
Who this book IS for: 
- Passionate photographers who want to become inspired. 
- People who are positive or at least want to learn how to be more positive. 
- Photographers who want to develop a consistent style in their photos. 


"Have you ever been so driven to do something that nothing else around you mattered? You were so angry or so inspired or in love that you had to express it? Or maybe, you, like me, had to prove someone wrong.

The story of my single sentence comes from a place of all of those things. The history of my single sentence is a long and winding road of anger, vindication, inspiration, love, romance, life experience, and passion. And it took a heck of a long time for me to craft it, because I was doing it (that is, creating and living out my single sentence) every day I picked up my camera, and it didn’t even occur to me that I had one until someone asked..."

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