What makes a photograph a "real" photograph? (Pt. I)

What makes a photograph a "real" photograph? (Pt. I)

Howdy! David Talley here.

Over the weekend, I released a new behind the scenes editing video that caused quite a stir in my photo community... 

The video was released as part of an exciting new look at my "Image Architect" series, an extension of my 3 Secrets to Perfect Photoshop videos. If you didn't catch last week's image architect for my newest photo, go check it out on the blog, then come back, because I have a question to ask you. 

The video caused a lot of crazy reactions - most of them good, some of them not so good... here's what some people had to say:

good comments.jpg

Unfortunately, others weren't as open to the idea of my latest photo being a "real" photo... I have my thoughts on this, but more on that later. 


So, because there's such a difference of opinions on this topic, I'm doing a little test... here on the blog, I'm asking my community to tell me what YOU think makes a photograph a "real" photo. I'm going to look at all the comments and then discuss it in part II of the blog post next week. 

Just click here to visit the blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and add a comment telling me what YOU think makes a real photograph? 

I'm going to be picking the 10 BEST comments and putting them in the blog post NEXT WEEK, where you could have your name featured. 

Once I receive all of the comments this week, I'm going to be talking about what constitutes a REAL photograph, based on the answers I receive, and my OWN thoughts on the subject.

Leave your comment below and add to the discussion for next week's post!

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