Image Architect IV: The Lightkeeper

Welcome to Image Architect with David Talley - the blog where I breakdown my conceptual photoshoots and help you understand the meaning behind them, how I created them, and what I do with them when they're done. 

It's been a few weeks since my last I.A. post, and a few things have changed. Namely, the logo for I.A. is updated (if anyone knows a good logo designer, though, please pass them on), and....


SO, this means a few small changes to I.A. posts - in particular, we're going to shift our touch points around a little bit. I'll post the vlog first, and then detailed information below it, including shoot inspiration photos, color palettes, and more. 

I'm excited to have you here, so let's dive in with VLOG 1:

It was an honor to create this image as a tribute to my friend, Ben McKinnon. Over the weekend, I learned of his passing, and in the wake of the emotional pain felt by the community of artists who surround him and his friends and family, I knew it was time to create more consistently and continue to grow and develop my passion at a rapid pace. 

The night we found out, Kiara and I concluded on the deep, vast importance of sharing your passion and light with the world - that is, showing the world your unique vision and helping others to see it as well. 


For this image, I wanted to capture the sharing of light in a vast and open space. Here's the sketch I created for this photo: 

unnamed (1).jpg



I wanted to give a dynamic, but peaceful feel to this image. Here's the color palette I used to bring a balance of tranquility, mystery, peace, and warmth:



"The Big Tweak" for this image was the light stand + star cutting mat combo. Instead of photoshopping a star in to the image, I wanted it to be physically present in the image, so I cut out a star with cutting mat material and affixed it atop the speedlight stand. 


My inspirations for this image were twofold: One, a video by Ben McKinnon and the 5 Knights Production team for a recent music video they created, and Two, an incredible image by my favorite photographer, Gregory Crewdson. These images served as the launchpad for this idea and it's creation.


Finally, we're going to look at a before/ after of this photo:

Above, you can watch the entire episode of the vlog in all it's glory. Or, click here to watch it + subscribe on YouTube. 

- David Talley

I'm on a mission to show that the light will always pierce through the darkness.