Finished, Not Perfect
I’m just always looking forward. I spend very little time, looking backward.
— GaryVee

The title of this blog post is something I've been thinking about a LOT lately. 

When I first started photography, I obsessed over every detail. It was 2011, and the only thing that helped me keep being a photographer in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 was that I forced myself to create and upload a new piece of work, every day, for an entire year. 

MOST of those photos I uploaded in that first year were terrible. Many of them were mediocre. I have a few that I can look back on and say that I did well with them, even to this day. 

But that's not the point here. Because you're always going to be unhappy with your work. Very rarely will you look at a piece and say, "Wow, that's actually amazing." I find these moments come for me maybe 5-10 times a year, and that's pushing it. That's not even once a month that I'm happy with what I'm creating - but the point is that I never quit. 

When I started commercial photography and I began building my client network, I learned quickly that I needed to rely on my strengths own what I did. I needed to be able to fall back on my raw ability to create something, which meant that I needed to learn how to constantly be in a state of creation. The one thing that I learned in this process was that I needed to constantly be practicing, because the primary school teachers were right - practice makes perfect. 

"Practice makes perfect. 

Practice makes perfect." 

I'm constantly encouraging my fellow creatives, YOU, to go out and focus on one creative task, one creative production every single day. It's the key to having that confidence to produce work for your clients... it's the key to being able to fall back on your raw ability to create for others and build a business around your art and your talent and your vision. 

When you're constantly immersed in creating things and you never stop, you don't have any lack of confidence - you're King Creativity. Queen Creativity. That's the point. 

Your work as a creative is never, ever, finished, but at the same time as it is unfinished, the work has to BE finished, 

Because perfectionism as a creative will suck the life out of you and everything you create. 

Your art is not meant to be perfect. It's meant to be finished, and shared with the world, with your clients. I actually used to take FOREVER to finish client work when I first started building my business because I was so obsessed with perfection and the way people thought of me and my work. It's a fair thing to think, and to a certain degree, you have to make sure you're putting out a good product. But when you're immersed in constant creation, you know your craft so well that you don't even think about it. 

When I first started this blog post, I set out to shoot a photo every day, and write a blog post every day. I've already failed at doing both, but I still haven't given up. 

Life is hard. Life gets in the way. Get over it and keep making stuff.

It's the only way you become a true creator, it's the only way you build a following, it's the only way you build a business. Your clients aren't waiting for you to perfect the burn level on the out retina you're retouching. Your client's aren't waiting for the "tones" to be perfect. For the guitar to be perfectly tuned or the microphone to sound exactly as it should or the dress seam to look exactly right. 

Stop making excuses to not create things because you're scared of not being perfect. You do that, and I'll do me. Together, let's produce a ton of awesome, creative stuff and share it and build our businesses together. You ready?

Let's do it. No perfection. Just execution. 

- David

I'm on a mission to show that the light will always pierce through the darkness.