How to Disappear from the Internet Forever

I’ve been gone for a week.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my stories of mountain driving, apartment-moving, snow-falling and coffee-brewing.

Basically, I disappeared from my blog this week because I’ve been moving myself, my wife, and my life in to a new apartment. Somehow, by the grace of God, we got an incredible 1-bedroom, upscale and modern apartment above our favorite coffee shop on our favorite street in the entire city of Portland. We didn’t expect it, but here we are!


With the move came a massive amount of… well, effort, headaches, and boxes. A lot of boxes.

We got snowed out in Yreka, California and stay in a Super 8 just south of the Oregon border due to a snow storm in the Siskiyous. When we got here, we looked at 5 different apartments. Once we found this one, we moved 4 carloads of crap from my old house to the new apartment in the 25-degree cold. We had 3 wifi routers but no internet for 48 hours… (some would say an eternity). Now that it's over, I'm back.  

Here's the thing, though: I could easily leave the blog right now. It’s cold and winter. The sun doesn’t really matter until 8 am here, if you can even see it through the clouds. There’s snow, uncharacteristically, an inch or two thick outside right now.

Do you want to know how to disappear? Just stop. Stop connecting. Stop creating. Stop posting. It’s just too hard to do it, you just can’t keep up. So disappear. Right?

It’s so sad that I see this so often, and I’ve even gone through it myself. We live in a social, digital, always-connected, your-life-is-your-Facebook-page world. When you stop putting out content, people stop caring. Unless you’re Prince or Michael Jackson or the Beatles, who existed long before anytime access to anyone, and any content was available on the web, it’s not going to matter very much if you check out. People will forget us if we stop sharing stuff. 

Somebody asked me once what made something a piece of art. My response was that if it was shared and if it made you feel something, then you've done your job as an artist. But the key was to SHARE it. 

I’m convinced that one of the best ways to build a business as a creative is to talk about important things with a lot of boldness and share your content with as many people as are willing to listen to you. +1 if you can do it creatively. +2 if you piss people off.

The internet doesn’t care if you didn’t post for 5 weeks.  They only care about what you’re posting TODAY.

What truth you’re speaking TODAY. 

What conviction you’re living to TODAY.

Who are you? Do you know? It doesn’t matter if your answer is yes, because if you can keep your content consistent, you’ll find your voice and figure out who you are.

For me, 2017 is going to be not just a year about Family and Clients and Content, but also a year about figuring out who David Talley is. I think it’s SO important to constantly audit yourself and see yourself from an outsider’s perspective so that you can win in your long game. If you’re not constantly striving for the best way to do YOU, to do the things and think the thoughts that only YOU have, you’ll feel like you’re wasting your time. And you won’t post.

I say this a LOT, and if you follow this blog consistently, you know that one of the most important pieces of advice that I give is to constantly create and share content. Like, every day if you can manage. I say it because if you’re doing that, you gain this massive self-awareness because you’re constantly opening yourself and your emotions and your soul and your brain up.

When you’re consistently looking at yourself in the mirror of creation, you figure out exactly who you are and how you’re to share your vision.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t know my vision,” read this blog post and then start creating stuff. It’s super important. Thank me a year from now.

Now that I’m home and not in the process of moving or unpacking, I have the morning time to create content again. I’ll be flying down to Los Angeles later this week with Kiara to shoot two album covers for Talley Media (bands are The Dustbowl Revival and Midnight Divide), and then we’ll be back in Oregon until mid-February, when I go back to Los Angeles for a commercial shoot. If you’re a small-business owner, musician, creative entrepreneur, or product creator, Talley Media is offering free visual media consultations to help you define your visual media strategy for 2017. Even if you don’t work with us, the consultation service is free and you can use it to grow your media presence online and offline quickly. Click here to learn more.

On a closing note, the apartment we moved in to has a perfect South-facing window that gets incredible light in to the room all day. It just so happens that next to that window is a massive, beautiful blank wall. I’m order new backdrops tonight. :-)

Wherever we’re at, however we view ourselves, we must go and create stuff and put out content. Otherwise, the internet will forget about us.

Let’s go make awesome things.

- David

I'm on a mission to show that the light will always pierce through the darkness.