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You Won't Believe This Camera Trigger...

David TalleyComment
You Won't Believe This Camera Trigger...

The Pluto Trigger: The Camera Trigger that does.... everything.

I'll take 10, please.


The Pluto Trigger is my newest must-have camera accessory. At only $119 (okay, it's not cheap - but definitely NOT expensive), the Pluto Trigger has enough features to make you feel like every dollar you pay includes a new way to shoot a photo. Incredible, incredible work these guys have done with this device. Here's a list of features from the site:

Remote Trigger

HDR photography

Bulb mode


Lightning Shutter - capture lightning (!!!)

Sound triggering

Laser beam sensor triggering


Heat Sensor (!!!)


You can also trigger Pluto to fire from vibration and distance... and it includes calculators to help you with sunset and sunrise, depth of field, neutral density, and mapping the night skies. 

The Pluto is small, feature packed, rechargeable, and works with almost any camera you can think of.

Yes, that means you. And you. It supports over 300 different models, so theres not much of a need to worry about if it's compatible - you can almost be SURE that it is. 

The Pluto packs a total of 12 sensors and connects to an iPhone app to control your camera. 

For me, the Pluto proves the answer to my longing for a better way to create self portraits. Instead of using the nearly unusable variety of camera triggers out there, I can now use light, sound, vibration and more to create the images I need to. 

As a photographer who regularly creates self-portrait artwork, I'm now able to much more successfully deliver my ideas. Just last night I was working on a vlog, running back and forth through a dry field, cutting up the bottoms of my feet (which still hurt) in order to capture the image with my faulty remote. 

This little device is the answer and solution to SO many photographer's problems - from self-portrait artists to families, time-lapsers to high-speed balloon-pop capturers; lightning enthusiasts and wildlife buffs - this device is for you. Here's a video of it in action: 

The Pluto trigger is fantastic investment, and I'm excited to see how this improves the lives of photographers, including my own. 

To learn more about the Pluto Trigger, you can visit www.plutotrigger.com. 

- David Talley

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