What Lies Beyond The Horizon?

Kiara and I have been sick the last few days, so between a commercial shoot for a client and sneezing our brains out, I wasn't able to post yesterday. Back now, and today, I want to talk about visiting a place that I've never been to. This is a place that exists, but as soon as you get there, it's gone again.

This place is a place I've been chasing all of my life.

Since I was a kid, I distinctly remember the incredible strong, grounding feeling of being on a beach, or being in a desert, looking out at the horizon, and feeling nothing but opportunity just over the ridge of the curve of the earth. If clouds met the horizon line, I knew it would be a good day. 

Whenever I fly somewhere, I always intend on anywhere from 2-14 hours of solid work. What results is usually 2-14 hours of staring out the window, thinking how much I want to touch the horizon line, scoop it up, share it with everyone around me. 

(Or drooling on my seat mate)

Why is it that I am so fixated on something I can never actually have? Why do I chase it relentlessly? Why does it ground me? Why do I run after it with everything I've got?

Because humans are designed to chase things they think are impossible. 

Since the time I became conscious of this, it has amazed me that we live in a society where relaxation is the ultimate goal of humanity. How could we ever survive, if all we ever did was relax? And what of the harsh reciprocation - how do we stay alive when we only live for two days out of the seven we're given every week? 

It's even modeled in our school system. We're bred from the time we can stand on two feet to follow a 5-on, 2-off; hate-your-job, binge-your-heart-out lifestyle. 

It makes me sick that so many people don't think they can have the career they want to, or live the life they want to... but it's also not surprising, when our culture is shaped around trying it's hardest to breed followers instead of leaders.

We're all born leaders, and it's only society and culture and tradition and evil that knocks it out of us. 

Here's a new way of thinking: you CAN have exactly whatever you want. If you're waiting for permission to chase after your horizon line, to chase after your dreams, here it is. 

My deepest hope is that everyone who reads this very sentence will close their browser right now and go do something to make their dreams come true. Don't finish reading this post. Go take action on your life - the horizon line is waiting...

Waiting for you to swim through the tumultuous ocean... 

trek through the unforgiving desert...

jump in to the clouds miles above the earth....

Because at the core of who you and I are, we're meant to chase something worth chasing. We're meant to fight for something worth fighting for. And we're meant to do it, over and over and over again. The only thing that stops us is the vast ocean, the vast desert, the endless sea of clouds between us and the beautiful horizon line. 

The gold scooping up the curve of the earth. 

The endless unknown, the good unknown. 

Are you willing to cross the sea? 

Is there water in your belly, dry heat surrounding you? 

Where's your parachute? It's time to jump. 

- David

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