When Shoots Don't Go As Planned... But Come Out WAY Better

When Shoots Don't Go As Planned... But Come Out WAY Better

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog. This is a space where I like to write things to the growing community around the work and events I create. I’m so incredibly thankful for the continued support and encouragement and challenge presented by every one of you with each comment, like, message, and e-mail. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Without further ado, let’s get to business…

A few days ago, I touched a little bit on 3 steps for a killer idea when you’re looking to create an image. Today, I have a fun video about what happens during the process of a shoot. Here.. we.. go!


Something I’m coming to realize lately is how important the spontaneous nature of photography is. I can engineer and build and craft and arrange all kinds of different aspects of a photo, and even through all of that, I can’t plan exactly how it’s going to come out, or if the photo is even going to work… and I LOVE that. If you engineer and plan TOO much, you’re going to stifle your creativity, and end up unhappy with your final result. Instead, the best thing you can do is have a plan, but leave room for it to change. If my flash triggers had been on site I might not have a photo that I like, but because of the openness to the creation and creative process during the shoot, I came out with photos that I absolutely love.

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