Featured Client: Vanguard Photo U.S.

Our relationship with Vanguard Photo U.S. began in early 2014, with a humble social media partnership to help one another grow our audiences online. With a strong commitment to one another, we began to take on larger and larger projects with Vanguard over time, resulting in a 3-month visual product awareness campaign for the company's 2015-introduced innovative travel tripod and camera bags, aimed at the traveling millennial photographer. Vanguard Photo U.S. trusted us with a campaign spanning 3 months, spanning 7 countries and 4 social media channels to help drive sales of their newest product. To develop the project, we took a look at the target demographic of ideal customers for Vanguard Photo U.S., and developed a visual campaign around them. This research resulted in the project you see to follow below, highlighting the world-traveling photographer and capitalizing on the importance of space and portability for camera gear. Below are some of our favorite highlights from the campaign:





Commercial Video:


For the videography phase of this project, we created a storyline centered around backpackers traveling on a road trip through Australia, capturing the details of the Great Ocean Road and the beauty of Australia, showing the characters utilizing the VEO tripod and Camera Bag  to create stunning imagery. Used in promotional and advertising sectors, this video quickly became a Vanguard customer favorite. 


Project Stats:


Location for content creation: Multiple cities in Brazil, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Australia. 
Logistical operations and post-processing: Los Angeles, U.S.A. 
Selected and delivered imagery: 200+ Images
Videos created: 1 Commercial Video


Last Words:

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