Featured Client: WANDO International

WANDO International, a non-profit organization running operations in both the United States and Uganda, is one of our favored clients, with our initial relationship beginning as far back as 2013. Hans Huo of WANDO International approached me in late 2013 to create impactful imagery to build the emotional and editorial look and feel of their organization, allowing them to visually represent their selfless efforts in the Southern Uganda region through digital and print media. With a school, 2 babies homes, and a program for women to create income through the making and selling of beaded necklaces, our work with WANDO has been an ever-growing, incredibly rewarding experience. Below, we'll detail a few of the different projects we undertook to help build an incredible and impactful visual representation of WANDO's brand.  

On Location: Uganda


In late 2013 and early 2014, I went out with the WANDO team to the south of Uganda to create imagery with the children at the organization's babies home, as well as with the women involved in the bead-making program, among various other projects during our time in the area. With a total of 5 collective weeks spent in Uganda, I was able to create impactful branding imagery for the organization while forming deep relationships with both U.S. and Uganda-based members and affiliates of the organization.  


Working with the Children


WANDO International, in their endless effort to challenge and change the seemingly endless cycle of poverty in Jinja, Uganda, runs not one, but now two babies homes in the region. During our time in Uganda, we developed relationships with the children at the home and captured their true joy of being shown a new way of life much different than the majority of the children in the region. The created imagery helps to serve as a visual, emotional representation of the work they do in Uganda, and encourages others to join and support the organization. 


Working with the Women and Bead Program


We furthered our project with WANDO by capturing photos of some of the fearless women that WANDO is helping in Uganda. These women are highly skilled in the production of paper bead necklaces, with the purpose of the project to be educating the women with basic commerce skills to become self-sufficient with their income. We utilized various locations, scenarios, and emotions to invoke the feeling of being a Ugandan bead-maker with the organization, raising awareness and support for the program in the United States, and placing the images on physical products in the retail section of the the WANDO headquarters.


Project Stats:


Location for content creation: Jinja and Kampala, Uganda.
Logistical operations and post-processing: Los Angeles, California
Created imagery: 2,000+ images
Selected and delivered imagery: 300+ images
Videos created: 1 informational video


Last Words:

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